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SUP in WA is a friendly community. Part of the enjoyment of SUP is doing with someone or a group. Through SUPWA, you have the opportunity to create a “mini SUP club” known as a pod to organise paddling sessions and compete in SUPWA events.


A Pod is the collective noun for a group of dolphins. They form pods to hunt and play together, sometimes teaming with other pods to create “super pods”. Dolphin pods are welcoming of newcomers, which is why the term pod is a great fit for the WA SUP community. SUPWA pods are a group of paddlers, that arrange to meet and a pre-arranged location and time to paddle together. There are several pods in Perth and in regional areas such as Bunbury and Karratha.


A Pod can do what they like however SUPWA strongly recommend safety be considered at all times and newcomers should buddy up with an experienced paddler. Most pods involve racing training, some are surf or downwind oriented, some are simply a gentle cruise. It’s an opportunity to get like minded paddlers together to enjoy SUP. There is a fantastic series of events run by SUPWA and all participants are encouraged to nominate a pod that they will compete for. Pods use the SUPWA facebook page to update pod training sessions and SUP website – news section to communicate SUP related info to the SUP community. 

SUPWA Training Pods:

The best way to stay up to date with what Pod Training is going on when and where is through SUPWA’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/StandUpPaddleWA

City Beach Drumliners Pod

Trains mostly on various places on the Ocean 

Captain: Gordon Stimson M: 0418954488

Fremantle Pod

Trains mostly from Swan Yacht Club (East Fremantle)

Captain: Steve Malcolm M: 0417 942 738

Margaret River Pod

Captains: Craig Fischer and Narelle Kuppers

SUP Perth Pod 

Trains mostly from Hillarys Yacht Club

Captains: Tara Baskerville M: 0403 051 696 and Damian England M: 0423 662 219

SUP Tonic

Trains from Garvey Park (Ascot)

Captain: Maree Martin M: 0499 973 995

S.U.S.S Crew

Trains moslty from near Zyhers Cafe (East Fremantle)

Captain: Vance Wade and Nicki Jones M: 0430 441 600

YOB Squad

Trains mostly from Bicton Baths (East Fremantle)

Captain: Lach and Sally Simpson M: 0430 027 467


If you are a full SUPWA member, Industry member* or Corporate Sponsors*, it’s easy.

Simply email the SUPWA secretary admin@supwa.com.au with the following details:

Pods require 2 Pod contacts + Mobile numbers (or email) (both full SUPWA members) to form a pod.

Let us know the name of the pod (anything you like, but remember it will feature on the SUPWA webpage – so keep it clean!).

The primary location you will paddle from and the type of Pod you are forming – racing, downwinding, surfing, cruising?

* Only Industry members and Corporate Sponsors can name their Pod after their business. Businesses should be aware that a Pod is not a paddle school and that SUPWA member’s insurance is only personal accident not public liability. A Pod is a training group that competes in the SUPWA Pod League under the business name.

Read more about Managing a Pod here (Linked to http://supwa.com.au/pods/manage-a-pod/ )

Have fun!

Useful Links

SUPWA recognise Pods as the pathway for growth and development of SUP in WA. Our objective is to assist Pods to be effective in providing a culture of support, encouragement and development and to provide a healthy lifestyle through group training, paddle activities and also events in regional areas and Perth.


One of the best ways to improve your technique is to break the stroke down into its components and practice them separately. This format is referred to as a drill. Drills should be functional and it is important to devote a set amount of time to them at least once a week.

Below a short series of drills developed by Physiotherapists and long time SUP Paddlers – Kevin Kemp Smith and Greg Kerr. A couple of the drills have been sourced from Peter Dorries a well known Gold Coast SUP Coach and Paddler, who is a great resource for paddling tips and training.

Try the drills in sheltered water first. Take your time and stay relaxed.

Have fun!

Click on the links to download training files